Water Legislation

1. Level 6B Residential Water Restrictions

2. Level 6B Commercial Water Restrictions

3. Level 6B Water Tariffs Overview

4. Level 6B Water Tariffs Detail

5. City of Cape Town 2010 Water By-Law

6. City of Cape Town 2017 Water By-Law Amendment

7. Provisions in the 2017 Water By-Law which have been refined or changed 

8. Waterdrop Cape Town Water Restrictions Comparison (Click to download pdf document) 

Water in the Media

1. Why Day Zero was scrapped?

2. Will there be more rain in Cape Town this winter?

3. In the end, what was Day Zero all about?

4. What is the future of Cape Town’s water supply?

5. No reduction in water tariffs for Cape Town

6. A drought-stricken Cape Town did come together to save water

7. How Small Businesses are gearing up to survive the drought

Swimming Pool Volume Calculators

1. Calculate metric swimming pool volume

2. Pool volume calculator

Water Storage

1. Cleaning and disinfecting water storage tanks

2. Three Ways to Eliminate Algae Growth in Water Tanks

3. Can you drink from Plastic Water Storage Tanks?

4. Potable Water Filtration and Purification

Swimming Pool Water

1. Why you NEED to Backwash and rinse the Filter?

2. What to do with pool back wash water

3. 24 kl of water is used by your pool EVERY MONTH – justifiable?

4. Swimming pools without water

5. Swimming pool water usage

Western Cape Dam Levels

1. Dam levels

2. City of Cape Town: Water Dashboard

3. City of Cape Town: Water Dashboard (pdf)

4. Big Six Day Zero Calculator

Cape Town Weather History

1. Cape Town Monthly Climate Averages